Vintage Regency MR-10 MONITORADIO Tube Type Radio

This is a Vintage Regency MR-10 Monitoradio (Tube Type Radio)
Fm Receiver 152-174 MC, Model MR – 10B1, 60 Cycles, 105 – 125 volts, 50 Watts
Manufactured by Monitoradio Division of Regency Electronics Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana 46226.
Plug it in and it lights up. All the tubes lights up and it gets static, I did not have an antenna to connect it too and did not pick up any traffic. Buying as is. Good condition for and antique there are 2 scratches on the face as seen in the pictures, the feet still have the felt on the bottoms and the cord is intact. Not sure if there is something on the back as seen in pictures at the area for antenna or coax that may be missing and there are the letters RKD in black marker on the back (see pictures) that is why the listing is “as is”.mr2mr1