Vintage ARGUS IRC A2F 35MM Retractable Lens Camera

This is an Argus A2F Scale Focus 35mm camera made by Argus out of Ann Arbor, MI. It is in the original leather case and is in good shape for the age with only minor scuffing, the bottom bolt to hold camera in case is missing. It was part of the Argus A-series line which were the very first American made cameras to use the new 135 format 35mm film. The A2F was the top of the line pre-war model featuring both an extinction meter to help with calculating exposure, and a collapsible lens with a helical focus that had a range from 15″ to infinity. It has a Bakelite body with an aluminum back that featured a prominent art-deco pattern. There were half a dozen different A-series models prior to WWII, but only 2 were produced after the war as entry level models. This serial number is 13116. Everything you can fiddle with seems to function as it should.

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