OEM FACTORY Yamaha Generator Theory & Diagnostics Guide Manual LIT-BKTEC-GN-01

Factory Manual Part Number LIT-BKTEC-GN-01 OEM Guide Like New, just not in the plastic cover, no finger prints or torn edges came from a closed shop. (only creases are from scanning pictures)
This manual is the manual published by Yamaha and sent to the dealers mechanics and technicians to troubleshoot warranty issues. It is very detailed with good diagrams, photos and exploded views. A must for anyone who insists on Genuine OEM quality parts. See the scanned Table of Contents for the other covered items, I have listed the models.
Consumer Series generators:
Inverter EF1000iS
Inverter EF2400iS
Inverter EF2800i
Conventional EF2600
Inverter EF3000iSE / B
Conventional EF4000DE
Inverter EF4500iSE
Conventional EF5200DE
Inverter EF6300iSDE
Conventional EF6600de
Conventional EF12000DE
Industrial Series generators:
Inverter YG2800i
Conventional YG4000D
Conventional YG5200D
Conventional YG6600D
Conventional YG6600DE