Kodak DC 4800 Digital Camera 3.1 mega pixel

This is a one owner camera. Over $600.00 new and only used for eBay picture uploads. eBay increased the quality requirement of photos, so we replaced it with a CanonSD1200 IS. The battery was replaced once. The lens bezel had a small flat area from swinging on the strap and bouncing of a motorcycle part. Hopefully someone else can get some good use out of this nice camera from Kodak. There are many reviews online about these DC 4800’s.
“Kodak has been in the digital camera business since the very beginning, providing cameras for all types of user, ranging from beginner to professional. Who could forget the DC20, one of their first cameras, which had a whopping 320×240 resolution, no zoom, and a fixed focus lens? I can remember being envious of those with the old DC50 (756 x 504 and 3X optical zoom!) That DC50 was the high end camera back in 1996, and the new $799 DC4800 is Kodak’s best consumer camera in the year 2000.

The design of the DC4800 is quite a departure from all of Kodak’s previous cameras (and that’s a good thing in my opinion), and as it turns it, it takes great photos comparable to the best 3 Mpixel cameras. Read on to find out more about this latest offering from Kodak…” Jeff Keller