DEI Under-Tank Heat Reflection Kit Part No. 902463 Design Engineering Inc

This listing is for DEI Under-Tank Heat Reflection Kit Part Number 902463 Design Engineering Inc

SKU: #902463 – Reflect-A-Cool Kit (Aluminized)

Hot fuel reduces engine performance, stresses the fuel pump, and can lead to vapor lock. Using race fuel? Race fuel manufacturers recommend using reflective materials to help keep specialty fuels temperature stable. DEI has come up with an effective kit to help combat this problem. Simply line the underside of your fuel tank with the self-adhesive Reflect-A-Cool™ material and trim to shape.

The DEI Reflect-A-Cool material is made up of a aluminized reflective foil backed with a base layer of glass fiber. Its rated to withstand continuous temperatures up to 400˚F degrees and can reduce fuel temps by up to 30%. Installation is easy, the material can be cut with scissors and lays down well to cover irregular shapes. This kit can be used with all tanks including metal, plastic and fiberglass.

Each kit includes a 24”x24” sheet of material along with a 1 ½”X 15ft. roll of tape to help cover seems and irregular shapes.

Key Features:

Reflects Radiant Heat
Reduce Fuel Temperature
Lower Stress on Fuel Pump
Reflect-A-Cool™ withstands temperatures up to 400° F