DEI Stainless Steel 8″ Locking Ties Part No. 010208 Design Engineering Inc

This listing is for DEI Stainless Steel Positive Lock Ties Part Number 010208 Design Engineering Inc

SKU: 010208

Stainless Steel Positive Locking Ties are designed for high heat applications. They are great for securing exhaust wrap or any place a high strength tie is needed. UV and corrosion resistant they will last for many years under severe use.

Made from 316 stainless steel
Tensile Strength. 5/15” 200 lbs. 1/2” 350 lbs.
Capable of withstanding in excess of 2500°F

Perfect for securing exhaust wrap, cables, wires or hoses that are close to a heat source


Locking Ties, Stainless Steel, 7mm 9 in. Long, Set of 8