Harley Evolution Steel Breather Gear Shims VMC A 4249

Made for Viper Motorcycles of highest quality materials. This comes from the closed up business. Viper and Ilmor redesigned a 152 inch motor, based on Harley Davidson Evolution, RevTech and S&S Cycle designs. This 8 piece Kit of steel breather gear shims are as follows:
VMC-A2027 .100 thick replaces S&S# 33-1000
VMC-A2029 .110 thick replaces S&S# 33-1001
VMC-A2031 .120 thick replaces S&S# 33-1002
VMC-A2033 .130 thick replaces S&S# 33-1003
VMC-A2035 .140 thick replaces S&S# 33-1004
VMC-A2037 .150 thick replaces S&S# 33-1005
VMC-A2039 .160 thick replaces S&S# 33-1006
VMC-A2041 .170 thick replaces S&S# 33-1017
This is the same as ordering S&S Cycle # 33-4249 Kit while the primary use is on steel breather gears, they can also be used with the plastic gear, we recommend using the stronger steel breather gear. This will work with 1977-1999 Big Twins and RevTech or S&S Cycle Engines, and of course the Viper 152 inch motor from ILmor.