Viper Motorcycle Oil Pump Gasket OEM VMC-A2050

OEM oil pump gaskets for the motor in Viper Motorcycles. Limited quanity, one time purchase. Parts for these bikes are difficult to find at the present time. We picked these up at the liquidation sale. This may or may not fit the Ilmor engine, please consult the picture and compare to your gasket.


Viper Motorcycle Liquidation Bankrupt Closed

After several years of circling the drain, Viper Motorcycles finally bit it. Stampler Auction Company performed the funeral services on the last known location Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Claynes has a long history of picking up neglected inventory from closed shops. Whether it is divorce, illness, the lousy economy or just plain bad business practices Claynes loves a good auction.

This time we picked up hundreds of parts from this Harley Clone business. Someone also scored the Viper Name and website, so we may see Viper Motorcycles again someday.


Harley 83162-51 Nose Cone Cam Seal 1970 – 1999 Shovelhead Evolution

Buy one get one. Purchase (1) seal and we ship you two seals. Sometimes it is easy to mess up a seal or gasket, so we are sending you a back up. This Metal cased double lip seal is the best way to stop oil leaks on that cone motor. Fits 1970-1984 1200 and 1340 Shovelhead motors and 1984 – 1999 1340 Evolution motors. Plus most S&S Cycle, Jim’s and RevTech single cam motors. These came from the now closed Viper Motorcycle company and were also used in the monster 152 inch Ilmor Billet Engine. Viper part number VMC-A2042 and Harley Davidson part number 83162-51. Two seals with free shipping!


10 Harley Davidson 26348-15 Oil Pump Woodruff Keys VMC-A2023

26348-15 Big Twin / Sportster Oil Pump & Pinion Shaft Key

Oil pump and pinion shaft key. Big Twin 1936-1999 & Sportster 1972-1976.This key measures 3/32″ x 5/16″ and may be available at a local hardware store, but never fear, because we have them cheap with free shipping. These are from the now closed Viper Motorcycle company and are Viper part number VMC-A2023, they replace Eastern, James Gaskets and Harley Davidson # 26348-15 and S&S Cycle # 50-8229.
This woodruff key was first used by Harley Davidson in 1915. It fits Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Sportster and Evolution motors. This listing is for a bag of ten (10) keys.