Tomos Colibri A35 Workshop Manual Used

One used workshop / service manual 50 pages of information to rebuild or maintain your Tomos A-35. Includes pictures and colored wiring diagram, trouble shooting the engine issues as well. All pages are intact and the manual is in good shape with only a few smudges. The A-35 motorcycle is a combination of the A-3 models (frame and swinging leg) and the A-5 (Colibri) (driving unit). The Front suspension is identical for all 3 models (A-3, A-5 and A-35). There is no functional difference in the electrical system of both models, with the only exception that the cable harness with the A-5 is of a single piece while it consists of two parts with the A-35 (front and rear).Tomos A35Tomos A35bTomos A35c