Vintage 1978 910 Puma Prince Stainless Folding Stag Knife

This knife has been in the box since new. Occasionally handled but never carried or used. It was purchased as a Xmas present in 1978.Puma 910 Prince Folding Knife with green and yellow Puma box and certificate. Stag handle with stainless steel blade 3.75 inch (total length 8.5 inch). Puma website confirms age. See screen shot. Closed knife 5 inches, very nice quality feel.
These continue to increase in value. There is a small mark , like it was done on purpose above the A in Puma on the last picture. Has to be from factory also. This is a handmade knife.

Anti-War Viet Nam Era November 15 1969 March on Washington DC Badge Pin

This is an original badge, that was produced for protesters against the Viet Nam War. The Viet Nam War like all since World War Two was illegal and unconstitutional. Protestors at the time were upset with the draft and mainly wanted peace. Patriots failed to stand up to defend the Constitution, no one demanded that Congress declare War. Some equate this with a losing strategy. This pin was worn in the March on Washington from a Quaker College in Wilmington Ohio to the Ohio State House in Columbus, along back Country roads in peaceful protest. All as part of the over arching March on Washington DC to bring the soldiers home. Measures 1.75 inch in diameter.