Vivitar 35mm Cameras Lot of 2 35MM Focus Free Camera and PS15

Vivitar PS15 35mm Film Camera w/Focus Free Electronic Flash Camera (Black Color Version) run on two AA size batteries (not included)
Vivitar 35mm Focus Free (Silver Color Version) run on one AA size battery (not included)
There are in very good condition, with only some light wear and they all seem to work fine. All battery compartments are clean and corrosion free. They have handle straps, built in flash. They are each in their own case as seen in the pictures. Vintage Vivitar Cameras would be a great beginner camera for someone to practice with before switching to an expensive digital camera or add them to your collection.


Celestron Binocular Digital Camera 8×30 Olympus W-10 Digital Voice Recorder Lot

This lot contains three main items. One Celestron Vistapix Digital Camera embedded in a pair of 8 x 30 binoculars with case. Two Olympus W-10 digital voice recorders with built in digital camera. All devices have carry cases. The Voice recorders have instruction booklet and CD for voice album. The USB cord works with all three devices. This package comes from the now defunct Phoenix Security Company, they specialized in surveillance equipment sales and manufacturing. All three devices have been tested and new AAA batteries installed. Binocular needs SD card for storage. (not included)IMG_0005IMG_0007IMG_0010

Kodak Jr 2C Autographic Folding Photo Camera VINTAGE

No.2C Autographic Kodak Jr. is a large format film folding bed camera made by Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N.Y., USA and produced between 1916-27.

The bellows are in great shape and the sliders work fine. This one has an issue with the closing/locking clip of the camera front and is missing a small piece of the leather cover and the leather handle/strap at the top, there are also small amounts of green oxidation on the name tag on both the camera and the case. (see all pictures)

It uses Kodak No. A 130 Autographic roll film cartridge for 7x12cm (2 7/8 x 4 7/8 inches) frames. The No.2C body was constructed of aluminum and covered in fine seal grain leather. The metal parts were finished in nickel or black enamel. Features included a folding black bellows design, adjustable focus with automatic focusing lock, reversible finder and two tripod sockets. Fitted with a meniscus achromatic lens and Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter. However, other optional lens and shutter combinations were available. kodak jr c2kodak jr c23kodak jr c21kodak jr c29

No. 1A Autographic Kodak Junior Vintage

The No. 1 Autographic Kodak Junior camera was manufactured from 1914 to 1927. This camera is a rare model and offered many lens/shutter combinations. Available in fixed focus or adjustable models. Constructed of aluminum for strength and covered in seal grain leather, with black leather bellows and the metal parts are finished in nickel or black enamel. Fitted with a meniscus lens (fixed focus), a rapid rectilinear lens or Anastigmatic lens. The shutter is the Kodak ball bearing shutter with variable speeds up to 1/100 second. Capable of taking twelve exposures 2 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches on No. A 116 autographic film cartridge. Added features included a folding bellows design, automatic focusing lock, reversible finder, two tripod sockets. The Leather color is GREEN. Serial no. 582600 is engraved on the back side of the camera leg

Originally priced at $11.00 to $18.00, in 1916 depending on lens-shutter combination.

Autographic: there is an aperture on the back cover with a spring lid and a nice chrome stylus (missing the stylus), which allows to write the data on the film back paper. This camera is in good/great condition all parts are working and the bellows are in excellent condition, see pictures! Case included with camera.Kodak jr A1 2Kodak jr A1 4Kodak jr A1 12Kodak jr A1 8

Chinon SLR 35mm with Auto 50mm 1:1.7 Lens 507115 Used

Camera appears in good condition, shutter and all winding buttons work. Lenses and camera looks very good, there is no corrosion. Meter is active. It seems to be working. Not tested with film. Comes with a generic case (flaking from age) and strap in good shape see pictures, there is no lens cover.chinon slrchinon slrechinon slrfchinon slra

Ansco Clipper Folding Camera Vintage

The Ansco Clipper and Flash Clipper were simple non-adjustable cameras made by Agfa Ansco, later Ansco, from the 1930s into the 1950s. (The series began as the Agfa Ansco PD16 Clipper, but Agfa branding was dropped during the WWII years.)

They took 16 images on 616 film. The lens board pulled out of the camera body for taking pictures, and collapsed to make the camera more compact when not in use. The focus and aperture were fixed, while the shutter had I and B settings.

This Clipper is in good condition and all parts are working, please see the pictures of actual camera for the areas with small amounts of rust due to missing paint.ansco clipperansco clipper1ansco clipper2ansco clipper3

Lot of Vintage Camera Brochures Owner’s Manuals and Operating Instructions

Soligor Auto exposure meter instructions (printed in Japan)
Gossen exposure meter condensed operating instructions and Import Certificate DUAL-SIXON Serial Number X62080.

Nishika 35mm 3-D Camera Owner’s Manual, over 120 pages of information on this unique model of camera. Along with the Advertising Brochure both in great-good condition (see pictures, small crease on front left of brochure not visible in picture). These were both printed in the USA.(a small peak into the sales brochure)
When you first look into a Nishika 3-D print, you’ll experience something startling. Like looking through a window into the real world, you’ll perceive amazingly true-to-life 3-dimensional depth you never thought possible in a photograph. For the first time, you’ll be holding in your hand a 3-dimensional image of reality, and you won’t have to wear special glasses or peer through 3·0 viewers to see the effect!

Konica Autoreflex T Brochure in great condition. It is stamped on the back of the brochure with the name of the camera shop in Dayton, Ohio (see pictures). The Auto-Reflex and Autoreflex is a series of 35mm SLR cameras made by Konica from 1965.
The Autoreflex T was the first focal plane shutter 35mm SLRs with auto-exposure and TTL metering combined in one body. In Japan it was sold as FTA, in Germany as Revue Autoreflex TTL. It is fully mechanical with shutter-priority auto exposure. The batteries (two PX 675 type mercury cells) were only needed for the CdS light meter. The shutter speed range was from 1s to 1/1000s and B.
There is one rare and special version of this model, known as the Autoreflex W. This is a camera fitted with a special timing back, for use at sporting events. It imprints the time of the exposure on each frame of film. The back is similar in function to the one offered in 1963 on the Konica FS-W, an F/FS mount camera. Also you get 3 pages of history all used for marketing materials, (they are not on regular 20lb paper it is just short of being card stock and they have been folded in half for years) one reprint from Popular Photography and 2 sheets from Berkey marketing Companies, Inc. (see pictures)3in1 camera stuff 001



Ansco was an American manufacturer of camera equipment in Binghamton, New York. This camera does NOT have the label and lens of the “Readyset” Royal, it is completely different. See Pictures, this camera is in very good shape for the age and needs only a small amount of cleaning on the leg as seen in pictures. The sliders are in great shape.
There are many cameras out there with the “Readyset” name for sale but only a few of this rare one.
ansco camera 008ansco camera 006ansco camera 004ansco camera 002

No. 3A Folding Ansco Camera in Leather Case

The Model 3A Folding Ansco was produced from 1914 to 1932.

Lifting the leather, much of which has already come loose, reveals these little mounds of green copper oxide over the head of every rivet. Corrosion is not limited to the rivets; little curls of copper oxide protrude from the base of the focusing rails and patches of corrosion are found on the film winding lever and other brass parts where the plating has worn. Elsewhere, the leather is dry and the glue has failed, leaving parts of the covering hanging.

It should be noted, however, that the Ansco has characteristics that make it ideal for restoration. See all the pictures before purchasing!

The experienced eye will notice that the leather is entirely intact with no tears or missing pieces, the bellows are supple with no corner wear or separation, the lens is clear and without fungus or edge separation, and the camera is structurally completely intact. The Ansco is therefore an excellent candidate for a restoration which, with the exception of a shutter cleaning, should be entirely cosmetic and we have the Original Leather Case (also in need of repair)ansco parts 018ansco parts 016ansco parts 012ansco parts 003