Vintage Ihagee Folding Camera with Compur by F. Deckel-München

This old camera comes from a family collection, it still has film in it (not sure of what pictures since I opened it, but would be interested in seeing them if developed). From the research I believe this to be an Ihagee Zweiformat-Auto-Ultrix c.1936. The only problem as you will see in the pictures as this one MUST be RARE as it does not have the striped leatherette it’s pattern is much nicer. The camera is clean and from a smoke free home, the leather on the camera handle shows wear but is intact, the carrying case is included with this sale.
Again this is what the research provided, I welcome any input or corrections.
Ihagee Zweiformat-Auto-Ultrix was manufactured by Ihagee Kamerawerk, Steenbergen & Co., Dresden, Germany. It was in a broad range of folding cameras with the name Ultrix before WW2. All Ultrix series produced between 1922-39.
Ihagee Kamerawerk is well known due to the famous Exakta cameras.
Model: c.1936, Ihagee Catalog no.2860
Produced between 1933-39
Folding film camera, film 120 roll, picture sizes 6x9cm and 6×4.5 cm
Engravings on top of the camera and the leg: Ihagee
Lens: Jhagee-Sol-Anastigmat 105mm f/4.5, Aperture: f/4.5 – f/32, no click stops
Focusing: manual helical focusing by a lever behind the lens-shutter barrel, guess the distance, scale on the lens standard, Focus range: 2.5-15m +inf
Shutter: Compur leaf shutter, manufacturer logo engraved on front of the lens-shutter barrel: F.Deckel-München, speeds: 1-1/250 no click stops, +T, B For time exposures the shutter need not to be set, use release lever only
Waist-level brilliant finder on top of the lens, turning 90 degrees left on its own axis for landscape pictures
Eye level optical sports finder, folding, on the left side of the camera, w/ a sliding mask in the back frame for adjusting 6×9 and 6×4.5 frames
Bellows: self erecting with the lens standard, very rigid arrangement of struts
Other features:
Back cover hinged
Red window for 6×9 and 6×4.5 w/ built in lids

Carrying case as seen in pictures leather and lined blue.
ihagee camera 010ihagee camera 003ihagee camera 004