Vintage AGFA PB20 Viking Folding Camera JN156 with Case

This antique camera was made from 1940 to 1943. The Agfa PB 20 Viking is a nicely-finished, higher-spec version of Agfa Ansco’s other 6×9 PB 20 folders. Notably, this one offers a body shutter release, “quality” metal finishes, and an f/6.3 or f/7.7 anastigmat lens. The rim-set shutter offers 1/25-1/100 sec. exposures, plus T and B. The camera were produced by Ansco in Binghamton, NY.

The PB 20 designation for the film size is equivalent to 120 film (Kodak’s designation). It is in great shape, looks almost new the bellows are soft and perfect and the lens is clean no scratches, the outside corners show a little wear on the viewfinder see pictures. The workmanship in this piece is amazing. It comes with the original Instruction Manual (shows wear) and leather satchel which shows wear and has a broken carry strap.

viking 1viking 2viking 3viking 7

Vintage Vivitar Electronic Camera Flash Model 102 in Original Box with Manual

Vivitar Electronic Camera Flash Model 102 in Original Box with Manual a great find for the collector!
This is a basic Electronic Flash Unit in Excellent Condition with the manual, cord, warranty card and other paperwork in original wrappers. This unit looks new but selling as used. The flash unit operates via the built in hot shoe or the included PC Synch Cord. It requires 4 AA 1.5V batteries (not included). The battery compartment is exceptionally clean and shows no signs of corrosion. According to the Owner’s Manual a fresh set of Alkaline batteries will produce 400+ flashes.

vivatar102 1vivatar102 9vivatar102 3vivatar102 2

Vivitar 550PZ Data Back 35m Film Camera with Case

Vivitar Corporation Vivitar 550 PZ Data Back 35mm Film Camera (Golden-Like Color Version) with Vivitar Series 1 38-90mm Lens This item is in fantastic condition, there are 3 small scratches on the bottom as shown in pictures. Batteries not included, battery case is clean of corrosion. Was tested and all functions seem fine, no scratches on lens, no carry strap.

vivitar550pz 1vivitar550pz 8vivitar550pz 6

Zeiss Ikon Ikoblitz 1316 Flash Gun with Original Box Case and Instructions

This listing is for a previously owned Zeiss Ikon Ikoblitz 1316 Flash Gun with Case, Original Box and Instructions. This is from my Father-in-Law’s collection and he had it tested the capacitor was fine, needs a battery. There are some minor scratches but NO dents and nicks in the reflector. The zippered leather case is in great condition and the instructions are in English. The box has some writing on it and a sticker as well as some water damage on the bottom side and there is also a hole in the edge of the box in that spot. (see pictures) A great find for any collector!

ikoblitz 1ikoblitz 8ikoblitz 4

Vintage Honeywell Tilt-A-Mite Flash in Original Case

Vintage Honeywell Tilt-A-Mite Folding Flash unit with vinyl case. Measures about 4″ tall.

This is untested, battery compartment is clean. The white plastic button cover on case is no longer attached with glue but is included if you want to reattach, case is stiff but no cracks.

tiltamite 1tiltamite 5tiltamite 4

Olympus Infinity Stylus 35mm Film Camera

Olympus Infinity Stylus f3.5 35mm Film Camera
Small and lightweight, the Infinity Stylus features an auto focus that helps the photographer capture both crystal-clear close-ups and panoramic shots in the country or cityscape. Attach a wrist-strap, slip the camera into its case, and you’re ready to grab some candid photos on the run. Sporting an F3.5 lens, the 35-millimeter camera is designed to use either DX-coded or ISO 100 film. A lithium 3-volt battery powers the built-in flash and auto rewind, and you can even be the subject of your own photos since the camera includes a self-timer. A battery check on the LCD screen allows the user to easily keep tabs on the devices’ power status.

olympus stylus 3olympus stylus 2olympus stylus 5

Olympus LT-1 Black 35mm Camera with snap cover

Rare Olympus LT-1 Black 35mm Leather Designer Film Camera in Excellent condition with genuine leather strap. Works great! (removed battery to prevent corrosion during storage)
Main Features
Easy-to-use fully automatic compact, lightweight camera with a leather-like touch.
Quartz date or time imprinting
Various flash modes including redeye reducing function.
Lens in perfect condition. All buttons and doors show no wear and operate properly. No fungus. Unique case protects the lens and opens easily for quick shooting. Everything nice and ready to use.

olympus lt1  2olympus lt1 4olympus lt1 5

Vintage BELL & HOWELL ELECTRIC EYE 127 Camera with Case

This is a vintage 1958 Bell & Howell Electric Eye 127 Camera. This vintage camera is clean inside and appears to be in good shape with no cracks or dents, the “leather” is pealing from the sides as shown in picture. I do not have any way of testing the camera so buyer is purchasing as is. Complete with genuine leather case (inside of case needs cleaning and has a name and initials in black, the bottom screw to secure camera is missing). Case with camera measures 5″ high x 4.75″ wide and 3.5″ deep, the leather straps are in good shape.

bh camera 1bh camera 2bh camera 5bh camera 6bh camera 10

Vintage Falcon Miniature Camera Bakelite c 1939-1947 GRAF Lens

Falcon Miniature Camera Falcon Camera Co. Chicago
This camera is in good condition all working parts, the clips and the shutter lever do have rust as seen in picture and around the lens area there is a dusty white substance (not really sure what it is could be due to age), please see pictures.
The body is made of Bakelite, and styled like the 35mm Argus A. The Falcon body style with horizontal ribbing, is a clear design inspiration for the Lomographic Sprocket Rocket.
Film: roll 127 film, picture size: half frame, 3x4cm
Lens: Graf 50mm, serial no. none
Aperture: fixed aperture f/
Focusing: fixed focus
Shutter: simple spring rotary shutter, one speed 1/25 +B; setting: Time and Instant, lever on the lens-shutter barrel
Cocking lever and shutter release: by the same lever, on the lens-shutter barrel
Viewfinder: simple optical finder
Winding knob: on the top plate
Back cover: removable, w/ two red windows; opens by the latches on the sides of the camera
There is a spare film compartment in the camera


2X Auto Prinz Var-I-Rim Lens Extender for Minolta

2x auto PRINZ lens extender (Lens made in Japan). This is a lens extender for Minolta cameras.

Glass looks clear, barrel is in great shape (missing the made in Japan sticker), all movable parts move, comes with both caps and case (in great shape no tears and clean). See pictures as I tried to capture all angles.