Vintage Pentax AF160 Electronic Camera Flash in Original Box with Manual

This unit looks new but selling as used. The flash unit operates via the built in hot shoe. It requires 2 AA 1.5V batteries (not included). The battery compartment is exceptionally clean and shows no signs of corrosion.
This compact flash is a further development of the AF 16, and was designed for use with the compact MV, MV1 and ME Super cameras, but it can be used on any camera with a hot shoe. The flash has two Auto settings where a sensor in the flash measures the exposure and turns the flash off when the subject has received the right amount of light. You manually set the aperture corresponding to the selected auto setting as per the table printed on the back of the flash.

The flash also has a manual setting where it just fires at full power.

Compared to the AF 16, the AF 160, when fully charged, sets the camera’s shutter speed to the flash synchronization speed, and also enables the camera to show a “flash ready” symbol in the view finder. This additional automation is available with the MV, MV1, ME Super and later cameras. On the ME, MX , and “K” film bodies, the AF 160 works just like the AF 16.

pentaxaf160 1pentaxaf160 2pentaxaf160 3

Pentax IQ Zoom 140 35mm Camera with Case

This listing is for a Pentax IQ Zoom 140 35mm Camera, Case Included

Used Good Condition. Tested for Power, SMC Pentax Zoom Lens (clean no scratches), MultiAF 38mm-140mm Zoom, straps are in great shape on camera and on the carry case. Clean camera and battery compartment.

pentaxiqzoom 1pentaxiqzoom 2pentaxiqzoom 8

Polaroid Camcorder Starter Kit Deluxe Camera Bag Cleaning Kit and 50″ Tripod

Polaroid Camcorder Starter Kit Deluxe Camera Bag Cleaning Kit and 50″ Tripod New in Box

Brand new starter kit has never been use. The tags are still attached to both the camcorder bag and 50″ tripod. Also comes with a bonus 3-peice cleaning kit. The box has water damage on the bottom and side as shown in pictures but nothing inside is damaged since the items are still in the original packaging.

polariod starter kit 1polariod starter kit 5polariod starter kit 7

Polaroid OneStep 600 Instant Camera with Original Box

This Vintage Polaroid camera is in great condition as you can see in pictures, rubber around the eye is in great shape. I tested with a 600 cartridge and I heard sound of the camera loading the film, there is a new flash bar included as well. Also comes with original box and the inserts as seen in the pictures they are in rough condition as shown and the instruction booklet is stuck together from possible water/humidity. Strap is in great shape and the box has been previously taped as show in pictures.

polaroid600 1polaroid600 2polaroid600 3

Vintage Polaroid JOYCAM Instant Film Camera

This vintage Polaroid JOYCAM instant film camera with built in flash. Pull ring to make photo come out of camera. Excellent condition with no damage and virtually no signs of use. Not tested with film but all buttons and puller work.

polariod joycam 1polariod joycam 2polariod joycam 6polariod joycam 8

Vintage SAMOCA 35 III Camera EZUMAR ANASTIGMAT Lens 50mm

Vintage SAMOCA 35 III Camera EZUMAR ANASTIGMAT Lens 50mm
Nice old camera and appears to be in great condition. Was found with film in it and it does snap pictures and rewind the film with no problems. Everything you can fiddle with seems to function as it should. No case found for it.

samoca 3samoca 5samoca 10

Vintage Sports Illustrated 35mm Film Camera 50mm lens

Limited Edition Sports Illustrated 35mm Camera
This is a vintage Sports Illustrated 35mm Film Camera it was a limited edition giveaway.
It features an optical color 50mm 1:6f lens. The shutter clicks and the film rewind works. The instructions and the flash brochure are inside the case, the case has a few scratches on the back from storage. This camera is like new.

sportsillcamera 1sportsillcamera 2sportsillcamera 3sportsillcamera 4

Vintage Bell & Howell Stereo Colorist Camera With Case and Instructions

TDC Stereo Camera

This is a terrific looking vintage camera. 1954-60

Camera shutter fires, shutter sound good, lens and glass is clean and clear, no apparent haze or fungus, back side of camera has small amount of blistering/lifting as seen in pictures, clean inside. Comes with the original instructions and case, the case strap is broken as shown in pictures but otherwise in great shape.

stereo colorist 1stereo colorist 2stereo colorist 5stereo colorist 12

Two Pentax 35mm Film Cameras PC-300 and PC-700

Pentax PC-700 Auto Focus Weather Resistant 35mm Point and Shoot Film Camera and Pentax PC-300 (1993) 35mm lens-shutter Camera
Both are in very good condition clean lens, no haze, no major scratches and no corrosion in battery boxes. Cameras are made in China.

two pentax 1two pentax 2two pentax 3two pentax 4