Konica C35 EFP Camera with Original Case

Vintage Konica C35 EFP 35mm Film 38mm Lens Camera with a Built-In Flash. The battery compartment is clean, the camera and flash works fine, the winding handle has been taped as it needs to be adjusted to stay in and the case is original and the lining has come loose as seen in the pictures. Vintage Item from the 1960s.

konica c35 2konica c35 3konica c35 5

Mamiya ZE Quartz Camera with Carry Strap

This listing is for one gently used Mamiya ZE Quartz Camera. Tested and it works, all winding parts and the shutters! The carry strap is included as well and in good shape. Camera is dusty from storage you can see that in the pictures.
It was introduced in July 1980. It has a quartz-controlled focal-plane metal shutter and a center-weighted photo diode. In aperture-priority AE mode exposure can be corrected ± two stops, and a previously-metered exposure can be locked in “AEL” position. In the viewfinder LEDs show the selected exposure time.

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Vintage MERCURY Photoflash Unit with Box M-29

This is a MERCURY PHOTOFLASH UNIT CAT. NO. M-29, made by Chicago’s Universal Camera Corp.
It probably dates from the early 1950s. The unit is in good condition. Vintage Mercury Photoflash Unit Comes with all that is pictured, unit, reflector dome (tiny dings on reflector), instructions and flash calculator, the cardboard divider for the reflector is missing, the battery compartment is clean with no corrosion. Has not been tested, being sold as is condition. Original box shows a lot of wear throughout such as scuffs, scratches, tears and has .50 cents marked on top of box. See Pictures. A great find for any collector!

mercury photoflash 1mercury photoflash 10mercury photoflash 3

Vintage Toshiba Electronic Flash Mini Astron in Original Box with Manual for Kodak

This compact flash is for the Kodak Trimlite Instamatic and the Tele-Instamatic cameras.

This unit looks new but selling as used. It requires 2 AA 1.5V batteries for 180 flashes (not included). The battery compartment is exceptionally clean and shows no signs of corrosion. The locking clip is included and has a small crack internally (shown in picture) it cannot be felt on either side of the plastic.

miniastron 1miniastron 2miniastron 7

Vintage Nikon Brown Leather Camera Compartment Case Gadget Bag

Vintage Nikon Brown Leather Camera Compartment Case Gadget Bag with 2 Velcro dividers and a front pocket. This is a Hinomoto No 147 bag D Pat 384031 and P Pat 149471. There is only one scratch on the bag as seen in the picture on the bottom and the top has 2 imprints/dents from storage. The shoulder strap is in great shape. A great vintage find!

nikoncase 1nikoncase 6nikoncase 8nikoncase 3

Camera Lens 35mm Optica No. 51068 1:3.5 with Case

This listing is for one gently used (actually looks new) OPTICA 35mm lens, with lined case that has the strap. All threads are fine and the case is in good condition with a little of the leather curling on the top and bottom. I see no scratches on either side of lens.

opticalens 1opticalens 3opticalens 7opticalens 4

Vintage Pentax AF160 Electronic Camera Flash in Original Box with Manual

This unit looks new but selling as used. The flash unit operates via the built in hot shoe. It requires 2 AA 1.5V batteries (not included). The battery compartment is exceptionally clean and shows no signs of corrosion.
This compact flash is a further development of the AF 16, and was designed for use with the compact MV, MV1 and ME Super cameras, but it can be used on any camera with a hot shoe. The flash has two Auto settings where a sensor in the flash measures the exposure and turns the flash off when the subject has received the right amount of light. You manually set the aperture corresponding to the selected auto setting as per the table printed on the back of the flash.

The flash also has a manual setting where it just fires at full power.

Compared to the AF 16, the AF 160, when fully charged, sets the camera’s shutter speed to the flash synchronization speed, and also enables the camera to show a “flash ready” symbol in the view finder. This additional automation is available with the MV, MV1, ME Super and later cameras. On the ME, MX , and “K” film bodies, the AF 160 works just like the AF 16.

pentaxaf160 1pentaxaf160 2pentaxaf160 3

Pentax IQ Zoom 140 35mm Camera with Case

This listing is for a Pentax IQ Zoom 140 35mm Camera, Case Included

Used Good Condition. Tested for Power, SMC Pentax Zoom Lens (clean no scratches), MultiAF 38mm-140mm Zoom, straps are in great shape on camera and on the carry case. Clean camera and battery compartment.

pentaxiqzoom 1pentaxiqzoom 2pentaxiqzoom 8

Polaroid Camcorder Starter Kit Deluxe Camera Bag Cleaning Kit and 50″ Tripod

Polaroid Camcorder Starter Kit Deluxe Camera Bag Cleaning Kit and 50″ Tripod New in Box

Brand new starter kit has never been use. The tags are still attached to both the camcorder bag and 50″ tripod. Also comes with a bonus 3-peice cleaning kit. The box has water damage on the bottom and side as shown in pictures but nothing inside is damaged since the items are still in the original packaging.

polariod starter kit 1polariod starter kit 5polariod starter kit 7

Polaroid OneStep 600 Instant Camera with Original Box

This Vintage Polaroid camera is in great condition as you can see in pictures, rubber around the eye is in great shape. I tested with a 600 cartridge and I heard sound of the camera loading the film, there is a new flash bar included as well. Also comes with original box and the inserts as seen in the pictures they are in rough condition as shown and the instruction booklet is stuck together from possible water/humidity. Strap is in great shape and the box has been previously taped as show in pictures.

polaroid600 1polaroid600 2polaroid600 3