COWI 1950’s Vintage German Toy Plastic Photograph Camera

This listing is for one gently used German toy photo camera from the 1950’s COWI. Can take real pictures seems like it has very little use, has the complete handle, all the internal parts and the carry case is in great shape too. Took me a while to figure out how to open it with the side pins. The lens lever works and so does the shutter. Made in Western Germany. Manufactured in Allemagne from 1950 until 1955. This is a very RARE Find.

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Vintage Eastman Kodak Co. No. 3 Folding Hawk-Eye Model 7 with Case

This antique camera was made from 1904 to 1915 Eastman Kodak Co. No. 3 Folding Hawk-Eye Model 7. Made in the USA Rochester NY. It is in great shape, over 100 years old and the bellows are perfect and the lens is clean no scratches, small chip in the wood under slider, the outside corners show a little wear see pictures. The workmanship in this piece is amazing. It comes with the original leather satchel which shows wear and is missing the snap button and carry strap.

hawkeye 1hawkeye 8hawkeye 4hawkeye 12

Vintage Kako 818 MicroStrobe Camera Mount Flash System Original Box

Vintage Kako 818 Electronic Hot Shoe Mounted Flash. (Untested) Comes with the original box and cord, battery compartment looks clean, not sure if was ever used so selling as “used” not new. No instructions included. Can be positioned in many directions for the best flash.
The manual Kako 818 is a vintage electronic flash for 35mm photography. Durable, powerful, simple and inexpensive.

kako818 1kako818 3kako818 2

Vintage Kodak Brownie 8mm Movie Camera and 2 other Items

Kodak Grouping

Brownie Fun Saver 8mm Movie Camera
This is an old Kodak Brownie movie camera. I have no way to test it. It is in nice condition, both reels are here, winder works great. Made in the USA.

Kodak Keystone 445X box with instructions and warranty card
There was a camera in this box but it is not the correct one, box is in good condition with normal wear for it’s age. A great find for a collector with the camera to go in it.

Kodak Instamatic 104 Camera
Kodak Instamatic 104 Camera included for free, battery door seems to be chipped and there were batteries inside with corrosion, may be able to clean it, otherwise it is in good/fair shape, winder works and so does shutter.

kodak grouping 1kodak grouping 4kodak grouping 8kodak grouping 10

Kodak New In Box Field Case for Signet 40 49FC

Brown leather field case designed for use with Kodak Signet 40 camera part number 49FC. This case is in immaculate condition and I would consider it new and unused as it shows no signs of wear at all. It is clean, all surfaces are bright and shiny and contains no scratches or scuffs.
The original display tag is included. Comes with box which does have some damage, one of the side tabs is torn and separated from the box cover but is intact, there is a piece of tape with writing on top, there is also and original price tag on the side for $9.95, see pictures. A great find for any collector!

kodakcase signet40 1kodakcase signet40 2kodakcase signet40 3kodakcase signet40 6

2 Kodak Rotary Flasholders Type 1 No.725 UNTESTED

This listing is for 2 Vintage Kodak Rotary Flasholders Type 1 No 725, 6 flash shots with just one loading. I have no way of testing these units. One looks to be missing a part on the side, see pictures, there is only one strap included. The domes on both need to be cleaned. The box is original but missing the top as seen in the pictures.

kodakflasholder 1kodakflasholder 2kodakflasholder 4kodakflasholder 5

Vintage Kodak Zoom 8 Reflex Camera with Ektanar F1.9 and Original Case

Kodak Zoom 8 with Ektanar Lens f/1.6
Camera is in good condition, original Kodak Field Case with shoulder strap all stitching is in tact. Needs to be cleaned as seen in pictures dusty from storage, the winding handle is pitted on outside, inside is in great shape. It has some minor scuff/scratch marks on it from being used.
It is UNTESTED. Please see pictures for condition and any visual defects.

kodakzoom8 1kodakzoom8 6kodakzoom8 9kodakzoom8 8

Vintage Konica A4 SILVER 35mm Film Camera with Konica Leather Case

Very good condition clean lens, no haze, one small scratch on back above battery display and no corrosion in battery box. Camera made in Japan, case made in Korea.

The Konica A4 is a 35mm auto focus compact point and shoot camera released in 1989. The design of this camera is the basis for the Big Mini series of cameras.

The camera’s main body and hand grip area is a black or silver matte type plastic, while the rest of the front is a shiny black type. It features a 35mm f/3.5 lens comprised of 4 elements in 4 groups. The lens has a automatic cover that opens and closes based on the power state. The focusing is a infrared type with a distance of 0.6m to inf. and a focus lock activated by half pressing the shutter release. A close-up mode is also available that reduces the normal focusing distance to the range of 0.35 to 0.6m. It is enabled by using the button on top of the camera body. The shutter is electronic with speeds of 1/3 to 1/500 of a sec.

The exposure system is based on a center-weighted design that uses a CdS measuring element with a range of 5 to 17 EV. The viewfinder contains bright lines for framing as well as marks for parallax correction when using the close-up feature. It has LED’s in the finder for focus/focus lock, close-up and flash state. Automatic flash is built-in with a fast 3 sec. recycle time. Flash can be used in automatic mode but can also be changed by pressing the mode button on the camera back. The mode button can be used for fill flash (On) mode, flash off and self-timer. The self-timer is electronic with a blinking indicator and delay of 10 seconds.

The camera automatically advances the exposed frames and auto rewinds at the end of the roll. Mid-roll rewind is possible by first going into flash off mode, then pressing and holding the mode button briefly. The rewind indicator will blink, press the shutter release to rewind. The frame counter is displayed on the LCD and is counted upwards. The camera is compatible with DX encoded film (ISO 50–3200 in full stops), but with non-encoded films it defaults to using ISO 100. A film check window is on the back, as a reminder of film type. It is powered by a CR123A lithium battery for the main body. It also uses a CR2025 coin battery for the LCD and date. This should be replaced when the LCD counter blinks on power-up.

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