Crossroads Motorcycle Magazine Lot of 13 Issues

Crossroads Magazine for The Motorcycle Enthusiast. This magazine is written and published in South Florida! These are in good condition. No rips or tears in most, there is water damage in the July 2006 (a few stuck/torn pages but still good enough to put in the sale) May and August 2005 and January 2006 covers have humidity issues (bumpy feel). Please take a good look at the pictures.

Included are the following issues:

May 2005 Issue #96 (humid cover)
August 2005 Issue #99 (humid cover)
November 2005 Issue #102

January 2006 Issue #103 (humid cover)
July 2006 Issue #108 (water damage throughout humid cover)
August 2006 Issue #109
September 2006 Issue #110
November 2006 Issue #112 (3 copies of this one, one copy has folded corner of back cover and 4 pages)

January 2007 Issue #114
February 2007 Issue #115
October 2007 Issue #120
Photos are of exact magazine you will receive
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The Antique Motorcycle Magazine 7 Issues Antique Motorcycle Club of America

The Antique Motorcycle magazine is the Official publication of The Antique Motorcycle Club of America Inc. These are in very good condition. No rips, tears, or water damage (except the top corner of Fall 2013). Please take a good look at the pictures.

Included are the following issues:

Summer 2013 Volume 52 No. 2
Fall 2013 Volume 52 No. 3 (see damage in picture)
Winter 2013 Volume 52 No. 4

March / April 2014 Volume 53 No. 1
May / June 2014 Volume 53 No. 2
July / August 2014 Volume 53 No. 3

May / June 201 Volume 54 No. 3 antique mcantique mc a

The Soft Science of Road Racing Motorcycles Technical Procedures and Workbook

The Soft Science of Road Racing Motor Cycles Technical Procedures and Workbook for Cornering by Keith Code

At last, an actual workbook for the road racer and sport rider that details the process of high speed thought. Hundreds of questions aimed at solving the barriers of speed allow you to dissect your riding and pinpoint problem areas. This book elevates road racing into its proper place among the most demanding sports in the world. Here, the dynamic relationship between the rider and road is defined and ordered into a useable form. Filled with margin notes by World Champion Wayne Rainey. 1st edition Code Break, Eighth Printing.
This is a new book but has been on a shelf of a now closed business.
road raceroad race broad race c

ASVAB Power Practice by Editors of Learning Express LLC Paperback Book

This innovative new book offers what every new recruit is looking for-practice, practice, practice. Packed with SIX full-length ASVAB practice tests (and access to an additional test online), it offers the comprehensive preparation needed to succeed on all nine ASVAB subtests-General Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Mathematics Knowledge, Electronics Information, Auto and Shop Information, Mechanical Comprehension, and Assembling Objects. It includes: Six full-length practice exams 1,350 practice questions Detailed answer explanations FREE access to a seventh full-length practice exam online ASVAB: Power Practice is perfect as a stand-alone preparation tool or as a comprehensive supplement to LearningExpress’s other ASVAB preparation titles.
IBSN: 978-1-57685-749-6

Big Sid’s Vincati by Matthew Biberman

Big Sid’s Vincati by Matthew Biberman, 2009 Copyright Paperback

When his father had a near-fatal heart attack and gave up the will to live, Matthew Biberman panicked. Impulsively, Matthew promised his father, an expert motorcycle mechanic, that they would build a Vincati motorcycle together. The Loch Ness monster of motorcycles, a Vincati-half Vincent, half Ducati- had never been completed in North America. Building a Vincati was considered, at best, a fool’s errand; at worst, an expensive waste of motorcycle parts. Lightly Used.
IBSN: 978-0-452-29615-2
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