Harley Davidson 5+ inch Chrome Handlebar Risers

For Harley Motorcycles 5 inch risers made by Harley (has logo), these are really about 5.5 inches if you look where they measure from to the bottom of the bars. Brand new had Harley clear wrapper when we unpacked them. Aluminum with chrome plating. Could be 56223-98 not sure.

Harley Custom Exhaust Building Kit Biltwell EK-STL-00-RS Deal

For Harley Motorcycles, pre formed ends for each basic motor. Below is the Biltwell specs on the kit, but then look carefully at the pictures to see what is missing or left in the box. The header pipes are there but a few piece of curved pipe is used up. Still at lot of good stuff here. Evo style ends are there, Shovel also, Only one STD, No flared pipe
Biltwell Custom Exhaust Building Kit (EK-STL-00-RS)

BILTWELL EXHAUST FLANGE SET NOT all of this is here!!!! Look at Pictures.

This flange set measures 8 inches long and the tubing is 16-gauge 1.75 inch in diameter.
Pre-bent tubing and ready-made flange kit for custom exhaust system fabrication
1.75″ OD 16-gauge rolled high-tensile steel tubing
Five sets of exhaust flanges included: Ironhead, Evo, STD, Shovelhead, Panhead
Two 3.5″ radius U-bends with straights
Two 5″ radius U-bends with straights
Two 16″ long straight sections with flattened tips
Two 6″ long straight sections with Trumpet flares
MAP price has everyone listing these at 200 bucks on ebay. This broken set is used and is a Deal, especially when looking at shipping cost.

Harley Touring & Softail Exhaust Muffler Turn Downs 65252-96

For Harley Touring and Some Softail Bikes with these type of mufflers that have changeable ends. This is part number 65252-96 and it fits 65976-96,65255-96,65980-97, 65979-96 and 65281-96 according to the book. These are used but in great shape and returned to original box. These were $45.00 each when first sold. You get the pair.