Argus Coated Cintar Range Finder Camera Functioning Vintage

This listing is for a Vintage Argus Coated Cintar 3.5 50mm Camera
The front and back of this camera has black leather attached to it. It has a range finder dial on it which adjusts the lens. The shutter and all winding knobs work. The lens does adjust in and out with with the rangefinder and is free of scratches. This is a very solid, heavy built camera. It has chrome metal trim around it and a big metal hinge on the side. The inside looks nice and clean. The only thing I see wrong is that the black leather pieces mounted to front and back are curled away in some places at the edges on the front they are missing in the corners (see pictures). Made in the USA!

arguscintar 1arguscintar 9arguscintar 4arguscintar 8