AMF Harley Davidson Rapido M-65 M-50 Car Truck Carrier 82105-68

This is for a NOS Harley part number 82105-68 kit. This bolts to an older vehicle metal bumper and holds Harley’s smaller motorcycles. This was designed and marketed for carrying the Rapido, M65 and M-50. NOS from a dealers inventory. Comes with hardware and instructions. Picture showing 1969 Accessory catalog listing is not included but can be copied for reference.

1977-1978 Harley Davidson XLCR Brake Rod Recall Part 42312-80

This is an official Harley Davidson recall part for the 1977-78 XLCR Safety Defect Code 040 6-12-1979 M-749 Rear Brake Master Cylinder
The pushrods in the rear master cylinder had insufficient contact area with the plastic piston in the master cylinder. The issue was that, during hard braking, the pushrod could penetrate the plastic piston resulting in a sudden loss of brake fluid and a possible accident.
* The dealer was to install a new m/c repair kit (93269) along with a larger m/c pushrod (42312-80) in all affected models at a reimbursed rate of 0.7 hours covering labor, fluid and processing.
* The repair kit (93269) consisted of the master cylinder repair kit (42374-77) and the larger master cylinder push rod (42312-80) which replaced the offending pushrod (42312-77).
Yes this replaces 42312-77