Four Vintage Polaroid Instant Cameras 600 Film One Step Impulse Sun and One Step Land

Vintage POLAROID Instant cameras group of 4. All cameras use 600 Film. All cameras show minor cosmetic wear and have a strap. All cameras are in good working order and ready for you to use.

Polaroid One Step Closeup Land Camera with Built in Flash
Polaroid Impulse 600 Instant Film Camera (has “Heritage 5th Grade” written on side in black sharpie)
Polaroid One Step Close Up 600
Polaroid Sun 600 Camera

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Lot of 4 Vintage Leather Camera Field Cases Kodak Anseco Argus Fujica

These cases are from a family collection, they are all in good condition and all stitching is in tact and all snaps work. The Anseco and the Argus come with the bolt to hold the camera as well. The carry/shoulder straps are missing on the Argus and the Fujica (the Kodak never came with a strap). I tried my best to research which camera’s and years they are for below.
1958 Vintage Fujica Camera case 35 ML
Made in Japan

1940 Anesco Camera case for ANSCO Regent
Top Grain Cowhide Made in the USA

1940 Argus Argoflex Box Camera leather case
Top Grain Cowhide Made in the USA

1959 – 1963 Kodak Brownie Starmatic Field Case

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Lot of 5 Camera Mount Flash Systems Vintage Ansco Minolta Honeywell Nimslo Yashica

Selling 5 flash attachments as a grouping, there are no boxes or additional parts other than what you see in the pictures. A great deal for someone who collects.

Ansco Flash attachment (clean no battery cover)
Minolta Maxxum D-314i Shoe Mount Flash (no idea how to check for battery on this one)
Honeywell Auto Strobonar 360 Flash (no idea how to check for battery on this one, one slider on the side by plug stem is broken)
Nimslo Opti Lite Flash (clean battery compartment)
Yashica PRO-50DX with Built in PC Cord (clean battery compartment)

flashlot 1flashlot 8flashlot 6flashlot 3flashlot 4

Vintage ARGUS IRC A2F 35MM Retractable Lens Camera

This is an Argus A2F Scale Focus 35mm camera made by Argus out of Ann Arbor, MI. It is in the original leather case and is in good shape for the age with only minor scuffing, the bottom bolt to hold camera in case is missing. It was part of the Argus A-series line which were the very first American made cameras to use the new 135 format 35mm film. The A2F was the top of the line pre-war model featuring both an extinction meter to help with calculating exposure, and a collapsible lens with a helical focus that had a range from 15″ to infinity. It has a Bakelite body with an aluminum back that featured a prominent art-deco pattern. There were half a dozen different A-series models prior to WWII, but only 2 were produced after the war as entry level models. This serial number is 13116. Everything you can fiddle with seems to function as it should.

argus irc 2argus irc 4argus irc 5argus irc 9

Argus Coated Cintar Range Finder Camera Functioning Vintage

This listing is for a Vintage Argus Coated Cintar 3.5 50mm Camera
The front and back of this camera has black leather attached to it. It has a range finder dial on it which adjusts the lens. The shutter and all winding knobs work. The lens does adjust in and out with with the rangefinder and is free of scratches. This is a very solid, heavy built camera. It has chrome metal trim around it and a big metal hinge on the side. The inside looks nice and clean. The only thing I see wrong is that the black leather pieces mounted to front and back are curled away in some places at the edges on the front they are missing in the corners (see pictures). Made in the USA!

arguscintar 1arguscintar 9arguscintar 4arguscintar 8

COWI 1950’s Vintage German Toy Plastic Photograph Camera

This listing is for one gently used German toy photo camera from the 1950’s COWI. Can take real pictures seems like it has very little use, has the complete handle, all the internal parts and the carry case is in great shape too. Took me a while to figure out how to open it with the side pins. The lens lever works and so does the shutter. Made in Western Germany. Manufactured in Allemagne from 1950 until 1955. This is a very RARE Find.

cowi 2cowi 5cowi 6cowi 10

Vintage Eastman Kodak Co. No. 3 Folding Hawk-Eye Model 7 with Case

This antique camera was made from 1904 to 1915 Eastman Kodak Co. No. 3 Folding Hawk-Eye Model 7. Made in the USA Rochester NY. It is in great shape, over 100 years old and the bellows are perfect and the lens is clean no scratches, small chip in the wood under slider, the outside corners show a little wear see pictures. The workmanship in this piece is amazing. It comes with the original leather satchel which shows wear and is missing the snap button and carry strap.

hawkeye 1hawkeye 8hawkeye 4hawkeye 12

Vintage Kako 818 MicroStrobe Camera Mount Flash System Original Box

Vintage Kako 818 Electronic Hot Shoe Mounted Flash. (Untested) Comes with the original box and cord, battery compartment looks clean, not sure if was ever used so selling as “used” not new. No instructions included. Can be positioned in many directions for the best flash.
The manual Kako 818 is a vintage electronic flash for 35mm photography. Durable, powerful, simple and inexpensive.

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