Harley Primo Rivera Pro Clutch Primary Chain Compensator Softail Dyna

Super deal on one of the best clutch set ups out there. This is a lightly used set-up from Primo Rivera. The primary chain (82 links) and sprocket sizes are for Softail and Dyna Glide Harley Davidson. The splined shaft clutch hub fits 1992 and up, the clutch basket has a 66 tooth ring gear ( used 1990-1993). So as far as stock bikes go, this is perfect for 1992-1993 Softails and Dynas. However it depends on what set up you are running, stock primary? We built custom bikes for years with the Softail set up, the inner primary and jack shaft determine the teeth on the ring gear. 1/4-20 threads in the starter? This works. Also the ring gear is removable so you can put 102 for 1994-1999 or even a 106 from Primo. The compensator sprocket is 25 tooth and the clutch basket sprocket is 36 tooth. This kit when new from Rivera (part# 1046-0011) is $1166.27 and the only item missing is the chain adjuster assembly (part #1046-0004) which is about $65.00 and the same exact adjuster as stock OEM Harley.
This contains the Pro Clutch plate and discs, the heavy racing (gold) spring and the mainshaft nut, plus everything shown in the pictures.


RevTech 4.375 Stroke Flywheels 110 Inch Motor Lightened 58120

Made by RevTech and sold by Custom Chrome. Part number 58120. This is a press together crankshaft made for the 110 inch RevTech Motor. It can also be used in other Evolution style builds where 4.375 inch stroke is wanted. This is new never installed in original box. Please note that these flywheels have been lightened. The two large bore holes (windowed) in each flywheel are not from the RevTech factory. Very light oxidation spots/dots comes off quickly with scotchbrite. These flywheels were involved in racing development at Viper Motorcycles ( now closed). Original and replacement cost is over $400.00 and the cost of windowing runs around $245.00. This is a great deal for someone with engine building skills that wants to GOFAST! (Balance and Trueness should be checked and or adjusted by trained professional.)


2 Harley Evolution Twin Cam Performance Exhaust Valves 1.610

Made by RevTech and sold by Custom Chrome. Part number 659617. Sold in pairs. These are high performance nitrited exhaust valves with 1.610 head diameter. These are .045 inch larger than standard Twin Cam Exhaust valves, and would help exhaust flow. The material and design of these valves are superior to stock OEM valves from Harley Davidson. These valves come in the RevTech 100 and 110 high performance engines and replace exhaust valves in 80 inch evolution motors made from 1984 – 1999. Use as upgrade on 1999 – 2004 Twin Cam motors. Normal valve stem length and diameter. Retail price from Custom Chrome is $24.95 each. Nitrited valves out perform chrome or stainless valves. This listing is for 2 (two) exhaust valves.IMG_0091IMG_0092IMG_0093IMG_0094IMG_0095