Honda F2 CBR600 Carburetor Set Keihin Carbs

This is a used carburetor bank from a closed shop. This carb set was under a bench, it has been marked with F1 and F2 in marker. We believe that these fit the Honda 1991-1994 F2 CBR600 motorcycle or the earlier F1. Please look at your carbs and compare to the picture, no history is known so while they look rebuildable, we are not sure of the internal conditions. So we are selling as is for parts/ not working.IMG_0014IMG_0016IMG_0015IMG_0017IMG_0018IMG_0019

Celestron Binocular Digital Camera 8×30 Olympus W-10 Digital Voice Recorder Lot

This lot contains three main items. One Celestron Vistapix Digital Camera embedded in a pair of 8 x 30 binoculars with case. Two Olympus W-10 digital voice recorders with built in digital camera. All devices have carry cases. The Voice recorders have instruction booklet and CD for voice album. The USB cord works with all three devices. This package comes from the now defunct Phoenix Security Company, they specialized in surveillance equipment sales and manufacturing. All three devices have been tested and new AAA batteries installed. Binocular needs SD card for storage. (not included)IMG_0005IMG_0007IMG_0010

Vintage 24 Pound Scale American Beauty Scale 1912 American Family

This is one used vintage scale. Made by American Family Scales. It is marked with 1912 Patent. The condition is not cosmetically good, but the scale still functions great. Nice for everyday use or just for it’s antique value. See pictures for detail. The “new” scale in the picture is used to show accuracy of the scale for sale. I’m keeping my new scale. This antique scale showed up in an Estate we are liquidating. IMG_3543IMG_3544IMG_3545IMG_3547

HJC Motorcycle Helmet Parts Lot

Made by HJC Helmets, sold by Helmet House. Lot includes the following helmet parts:
08-986 Chin Curtain
19-033 Cheek Pads
19-073 Cheek Pads
19-025 Gear Plate Set
(2) 847-100 Base Plate Kits
(2) 05-950 Base Plate Kits
(6) 836-100 Base Plate Kits
This is over $100.00 in small parts to maintain and repair HJC Helmets. some other parts not listed are in the box.