Honda CB CM CMX 250 Rebel Front Sprocket JT JTF270.15 15 Tooth

The following machines take this sprocket, but with 14 tooth, this is a 15 tooth, for those wanting to change ratio. Made from high carbon steel.
Derbi ATV
250 DXR (ATV) 04-08

Honda Road Bikes
CB250 Nighthawk USA91-08
CBX250 Night Hawk 87
CM250 Europe83
CM250 C Europe85
CM250 D Europe84
CM250 Rebel France96-97
CMX250 C-T 96
CMX250 C-V,W,X Rebel 97-99
CMX250 C-Y Rebel 00
CMX250 C/CD Rebel USA 1985-2015
CMX250 Rebel 87-