1940 – 1954 Harley Davidson Intake Seals Brass & Cadmium Nuts Panhead Knucklehead 7614-4

Brand new reproduction brass intake manifold seals for 1940 – 1954 overhead valve Harley Davidson, includes 1940-1947 Knucklehead and 1948 – 1954 Panhead. Exact copies of original Harley parts made in Ohio by Colony. Cadmium intake nut and seal kit Harley Davidson 1940 – 1954

Precision machined reproduction of original parts

Fits: 40-47 Knucklehead, 48-54 Panhead
53-56 K-Model and KH
May fit some other models.

Colony# 7614-4

1936 – 1947 Harley Knucklehead Rocker Cover Nut Strips Kit – Colony 7517-8

This is made in Ohio by Colony. The metal is parkerized. Years of different owners and multiple make overs can take its toll on these top end parts. Original and aftermarket chrome strips become warped and refuse to seal, the screws get lost or rounded off. Give that Knucklehead a treat, especially when doing a top end job. This kit has gaskets and screws, plus all of the strips needed to take care both cylinders7517-8

1966 – 1984 Harley Shovelhead Pushrods Solid Conversion Kit -Colony 7132-12

This is made in Ohio by Colony. Most older shovelheads ran hydraulic lifters from the factory and required little adjustment, in turn the pushrods held up quite well. To get extra power out of a shovelhead a cam change with solid tappets was necessary. This set up usually required occasional adjustment. Pushrod adjustment nuts tend to round off over time, making it difficult to achieve proper adjustment and tightness. This kit from Colony has aluminum alloy (7/16) tubular adjustable pushrods which are lighter than stock steel pushrods. When changing to a solid tappet cam the pushrod weight also helps gain horsepower.
There are 3 lengths in the kit, 2 short intake , one longer front exhaust, and the rear exhaust. also included are the solid conversion adaptors to replace the hydraulic lifters or your old solid conversion kit.
FL 1966-1984
FX 1972-1984
FLT 1979-1983
FXR 1982-1983

1956 – 1977 Harley Davidson 2402W Air Cleaner Mounting Screws – Colony 2759-2

This is made in Ohio by Colony. The metal is cadmium plated. This countersunk oval head phillips drive screw measures 5/16″x24 x 23/32″. The Harley Davidson part number is 2402W and was first used on the 1956 Sportster model. These are replica quality screws (2) engineered to replace missing or buggered up screws. Many original hardware items have been replaced with cheap chrome fasteners that now show signs of wear and rust.
1966 – 1977 Big Twin Shovelhead Air Cleaner
1956 – 1977 Sportster 900 & 1000 Air Cleaner

1971 – 1976 Harley Sportster Primary Cover Filler Plug 34742-71 Colony 2559-1

This primary cover filler cap is flat aluminum with the dished slot and felt breather. Made by Colony in Ohio it replaces the Harley part number 34742-71. The overall design leads to the plug becoming damaged in the slot area. Because of this you may wish to replace it. Colony makes these with the best available materials and to replica standards. This is not junk metal from offshore. The Colony part number is 2559-1. The tool used to properly tighten this plug is not proprietary and is easily purchased to avoid damage to the plug.

Fits: Harley Davidson Sportster models from 1971 to 1976

Including; XL XLC XLH XLCH XLH1000 XLH900

Includes: Felt Insert

Harley Davidson XLCH 1971-1976
Harley Davidson XLH1000 1972-1976
Harley Davidson XLH900 19712559-1