2005 – 2014 Yamaha Majesty YP Models Rear Disc Brake Rotor 5RU-2582W-00 NEW

This is for 1 new in package Yamaha Majesty rear rotor for disc brakes. This original part number 5RU-2582W-00, now has an additional 00 at end 5RU-2582W-00-00. Package never opened never installed.

This Yamaha 5RU-2582W-00 Rear Brake Rotor for disc brakes is used in the following models and assemblies:

2005 MAJESTY (YP400T)
2006 MAJESTY (YP400V)
2007 MAJESTY (YP400W)
2008 MAJESTY (YP400XB)
2008 MAJESTY (YP400XR)
2009 MAJESTY (YP400YG)
2010 MAJESTY (YP400ZS)
2010 MAJESTY (YP400ZW)
2012 MAJESTY (YP400BG)
2013 MAJESTY (YP400DG)
2014 MAJESTY (YP400ER)