2002 – 2011 Yamaha ZUMA 50 YW Series Ignition Switch with Keys 5PJ-H2501-00 NEW

Yamaha Main Switch Steering Lock with keys, never opened still in original packaging. Has part number 5PJ-H2501-00, which now the have an additional 00 at end 5PJ-H2501-00-00. Package opened for pictures only never installed.

This Yamaha 5PJ-H2501-00 Main Switch Steering Lock is used in the following models and assemblies:

2002 ZUMA (YW50P)
2003 ZUMA (YW50R)
2004 ZUMA (YW50S)
2005 ZUMA (YW50T)
2008 ZUMA (YW50XB)
2008 ZUMA (YW50XL)

2009 ZUMA (YW50YB)
2009 ZUMA (YW50YL)
2010 ZUMA (YW50ZB)
2010 ZUMA (YW50ZY)
2011 ZUMA (YW50AL)

yamaha5pj-h2501-001 (2)yamaha5pj-h2501-003yamaha5pj-h2501-004